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May/Jun '24A biblical verdict on creation
Was there a magnificent mind at work when the universe began, or did it spring into existence of its own accord?
Mar/Apr '24Godliness: A life-long quest
Seeking personal devotion to God and taking on His character is a disciple’s responsibility and calling.
Jan/Feb '24Thoughts that lead to sin
There is a fine line between temptation and sin. When and how do we cross that line?
Nov/Dec '23Festivals: A reality check
Something innate in us yearns to be part of festive occasions. Genuinely meaningful celebrations can bond a family, a people, a nation together. Without a true purpose, though, festivals can become a burden.
Sep/Oct '23God speaks to us today
When we pray to God we are speaking to Him. How can we know when He is responding to us?
Jul/Aug '23Be ready to meet your God
How prepared are you for Christ’s return?
May/Jun '23Assess, judge, or condemn: Which should a Christian do?
There is a great difference between these three actions. We should be careful to follow Christ's instructions on how to handle each of them.
Mar/Apr '23What if...We all kept the Ten Commandments?
In the Old Testament God wrote His law on two tables of stone. Today, He is writing that same law, with a much deeper spiritual intent, onto the hearts and minds of true Christians.
Jan/Feb '23Casualties of a 24/7 society
Overloading a vehicle is dangerous. Overloading the human body and mind can be even more hazardous.
Nov/Dec '22A King who needs no successor
Sorrow gripped families, nations and indeed the entire world when the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was announced. However, God has promised the earth a King whose reign will never end.
Sep/Oct '22Gifts foreshadowed Jesus’ roles
When Jesus was a young child, wise men presented Him with gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Each symbolised a different responsibility, which He would later assume. Knowing who Christ is and His purpose is a precious gift to us.
Jul/Aug '22The ultimate intervention
The world is facing an uncertain future, but Jesus Christ will return to establish true peace. This will be a total abolition of war, not just a respite.
May/Jun '22Pivotal festivals outline awesome plan for mankind
Far from being out of date or archaic, the “Feasts of the Lord” declared in the Old Testament explain the steps to salvation and our future rulership with Christ in the Kingdom of God.
Mar/Apr '22A matter of conscience
An individual’s internal moral compass is considered a voice of reason, or at least a prod to do the right thing. How can it be trained to become a force for good rather than merely troubling a mind?
Jan/Feb '22Our promised part in a reign without end
After 70 years on the throne, for many British citizens Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch they have ever known. Christ’s followers, however, have been promised rulership in His Father’s Kingdom in a reign that will last forever.
Nov/Dec '21A complete change of heart
Christ’s Parable of the Prodigal Son reveals the turnaround God expects in each of us.
Sep/Oct '21Our greatest hope – a truly “forever home”
There is a new space race among billionaire citizens. Is the future of humanity among the stars or should we be striving to enter heaven? The Bible reveals God’s long-held plan.
Jul/Aug '21Our most important garment
Clothing keeps us warm, protecting and shielding us. It also speaks volumes about us as individuals. There is, however, a particular item of apparel that God wants to see a Christian wearing.
May/Jun '21A name above all names
God the Father has placed all things under the authority of Jesus Christ to whom He also gave names, titles and positions befitting this power.
Mar/Apr '21The paradox of true freedom
It seems that the more society struggles to be free of rules and regulations, the more its people become pawns of sin. We fight for and cherish our freedoms, but just how free are we really?
Jan/Feb '21Real hope for tough times
After the turmoil and tribulation of 2020, many wonder if the new year will bring brighter days.
Nov/Dec '20Signposts to salvation
God is seeking a spiritual harvest and expects growth in those He calls. As each year passes, the Holy Days He instituted help keep us on track and provide opportunities to assess our progress, as we strive to become more like Jesus Christ.
Sep/Oct '20Why most won’t welcome Christ’s second coming
Scripture records the manner of Christ’s return in some detail. Yet, prophecy indicates that the vast majority will neither recognise Him nor accept Him. Indeed, many will actually take up arms against the Saviour of the world.
Jul/Aug '20Why God created human beings capable of sin
Opinions vary as to why an all-loving God would create humankind, knowing that sin would almost certainly ensnare that creation. Here’s what we learn from God’s word.
May/Jun '20So many lives cut short
The Covid-19 statistics have become a feature of daily news bulletins. In times of great distress some may wonder what awaits the righteous, or the wicked, at their decease. The Bible does not leave us in ignorance.
Mar/Apr '20Often overlooked: Christ’s keys to meaningful prayer
Sincere prayer reaps benefits, but our prayers can become stale or repetitive. Christ provided an outline or model prayer to help us keep our conversations with God fresh, vibrant and relevant.
Jan/Feb '20How idols diminish our sense of the majesty of God
Some might visualise idols as simply the “graven images” mentioned in the Old Testament. However, the intention of the first two of God’s commandments goes far beyond this.
Nov/Dec '19The EU’s Fractured Union
Wrangling over the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union has continued, with another delay granted. In this context, what’s at stake for the EU? Bible prophecy isn’t silent on this question.
Sep/Oct '19Godly worship – a way of life
Worship goes to the core of what it is to be human, what it is to be made in the image of God.
Jul/Aug '19Ten keys to a life of godly love
The love most often spoken of in the Bible is an outgoing concern for others as demonstrated by our actions. God codified ten basic principles that show us how to love Him and everyone else.
May/Jun '19How the Holy Bible came together
Even many professing Christians find the Bible a mysterious book filled with ancient writings that can seem of little relevance in our digital age. The God who inspired the Holy Scriptures, however, is a God for all time with a plan that transcends the ages.
Mar/Apr '19Babylon, Brexit and why the Eurozone seeks closer union
When God inspired the prophet Daniel to interpret Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar’s strange dream, he described the fourth kingdom, Rome, as lasting until the time of Christ’s return. Is it possible to identify this successor to Babylon today?
Jan/Feb '19How to recognise God’s calling to salvation
Jesus Christ said that many would be called but few chosen. What is this "calling," what does it have to do with salvation and how does one become chosen?
Nov/Dec '18Where should our focus be regarding the news?
The news is readily available to almost everyone. But are news stories always accurate, even-handed or useful? Might the news we see be missing something?
Sep/Oct '18How God speaks to us today
Some believe God speaks to them in voices, dreams or random thoughts that pop into their mind. Others expect a two-way conversation and are disappointed when this doesn’t happen. Is this how God communicates with us today?
Jul/Aug '18World’s tallest trees testify to a Designer
Scientific laws and processes show the awesome mind of God in action.
May/Jun '18The original “Land of Hope and Glory”
Various freedoms and social justices are enshrined in British law. We have ancient Israel to thank for preserving such God-given principles for posterity.
Mar/Apr '18Wrong thinking compromises character
What we think in our minds and hearts will dictate the kind of person we become. It is imperative that we carefully vet what we allow into our thoughts.
Jan/Feb '18How the smallest bribe can corrupt good character
From flagrant attempts to influence our judgement to an appeal to compromise just a little, bribes or inducements can adversely affect our determination to follow Christ.
Nov/Dec '17Even kings and princes cannot sidestep sorrow
Present-day princes, just like ancient kings, face the same challenges from loss or bereavement as everyone else. The Bible gives guidance on how to handle sorrows and move on with our lives.
Sep/Oct '17Cashless society plans shed light on intriguing Bible prophecy
The aged apostle John described terrifying visions of what appears to present-day eyes to be modern nuclear weapons, global markets and some sort of mark that would enforce financial controls over entire populations.
Jul/Aug '17The protesting reformer and the uncommitted king
As we approach the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, we consider whether Martin Luther went far enough in restoring the doctrines of the Bible.
May/Jun '17Temptation: Thoughts that lead to sin
There is a fine line between temptation and sin. Where and why do we cross that line?
Mar/Apr '17Strangers in a strange land
The issue of immigration is very much in the news today, both across Europe and in the USA. It raises issues of identity and citizenship. What rights and responsibilities do citizens have and how do they translate to God’s future Kingdom here on Earth?
Jan/Feb '17Three reasons Christ clashed with the Pharisees
Who were the Pharisees and why did they incur such strong censure from the Son of God?
Nov/Dec '16Itching ears or ears that heed God’s Word
Are we listening to God, or do we have a hankering to hear “some new thing”?
Sep/Oct '16Keep both eyes on the goal
Commitment, dedication and sheer hard work brought Team GB their greatest haul of Olympic medals in living memory. Their approach can inspire Christians.
Jul/Aug '16What Next for the EU?
What will the Brexit decision mean for Britain and the rest of Europe. Will the EU split as other members seek to regain their national sovereignty? Or will it seek perceived safety in a much closer political union?
May/Jun '16'Fountain of Youth' drugs hold promise of a longer life
Predicted medical advances bring an interesting dilemma. Is a longer physical life desirable?
Mar/Apr '16Reciprocating God's Love
The multi-faceted love God has already shown us is often unrecognised, overlooked and, as a result, unreciprocated.
Jan/Feb '16Lessons from a Master Potter
Man was made from the 'dust of the ground' and has a physical affinity with clay. Processes used by a master potter can provide insights into how God also moulds our spiritual development.
Nov/Dec '15Jesus Christ: Seeking a True Portrait
Does it matter what Jesus looked like when He walked the earth in human form? The Bible gives an accurate portrait of Him as He is now – and it differs greatly from commonly held views.
Sep/Oct '15Building for Eternity
As a carpenter, Jesus knew much about building. But what is our part in His current construction?
Jul/Aug '15Bible Contradictions? - Challenging the Claims
By asserting that the Bible is full of contradictions people feel free to dismiss its teachings. How can we evaluate the evidence for alleged inconsistencies?
May/Jun '15Is God Cruel and Capricious?
Comedian, actor and television presenter Stephen Fry recently blamed God for the world’s ills. What is the real reason for all the injustice and pain?
Mar/Apr '15Forgiving Others - Letting Go of the Hurt
At this time of year Christians remember Jesus Christ’s death for the forgiveness of sin. However, Christ warned that if we are not willing to forgive those who may have harmed us, God will not absolve us of our wrongdoings either. How can we learn to forgive?
Jan/Feb '15Richard III’s Royal Re-Interment - A Biblical Perspective
On 26 March 2015, the remains of Richard III will be reburied in Leicester Cathedral. But is the former English sovereign aware he became the ignominious ‘king in the car park,’ with his grave walked on for centuries and later driven over by ‘commoners’?
Nov/Dec '14Prepare to Meet Your God
As political tensions heighten in the world around us, as natural disasters loom and as violence increases, how ready are we for Christ’s return?
Sep/Oct '14Trumpets Announce Christ’s Return
Christians eagerly await a time when God will send Jesus Christ to rescue this world from disaster and to bring eternal life. The Feast of Trumpets, one of God’s Holy Days, anticipates these events.
Jul/Aug '14Will Humanity Ever Find the Way to Peace?
The First World War was expected to end all war, but in the last one hundred years, multiple millions have met a gory end on the battlefields of human conflict. War has been a part of human history for millennia. In contrast, God promises a future age of peace where war will finally be abolished.
May/Jun '14The Seriousness of Sin
God has already taken action to deal with the tragic state of this present evil world by sending His Son to die for the sins of all people. Following on from that, we need to understand what sin is and why we each need Christ’s atoning sacrifice.
Mar/Apr '14Are We Experiencing ‘The Beginning of Sorrows’?
In a discussion with His disciples on the Mount of Olives, Jesus Christ foretold a time of great trouble. He listed events which He said were the ‘beginning of sorrows.’ Is it possible that this part of the prophecy is coming to pass now?
Jan/Feb '14Why Many Britons Object to Governance from Brussels
Why does much of the media raise such stark objections to increasing political involvement with the European Union? And why did the United Kingdom choose not to embrace the euro currency? Is there both an historical and a biblical answer?
Nov/Dec '13Why the Family is So Important in Nurturing Our Children
Are children mere possessions to be exploited or discarded for self-gratification, or are they society’s future, needing, among other things, to be trained to distinguish between right and wrong?
Sep/Oct '13Proverbs: A Wealth of Wisdom for All Our Youth
As we learnt at UCG Summer Camp, large parts of the biblical book of Proverbs are addressed to young men. What can young people glean from these wise words of wisdom literature?
Jul/Aug '13Born to Be a King
The birth of a future king is a time of joyous national celebration. However, the greatest of all Kings had a lowly birth and has not yet received His kingdom. How He will is a uniquely compelling story.
May/Jun '13The 2000-Year-Old Church Jesus Built: Then and Now
A pervasive, clever counterfeit of the New Testament Church has taken centre stage. Within it, man-made traditions and pagan concepts abound – none of which were found in the first-century Church.
Mar/Apr '13How the Church Fosters Greater Spiritual Growth
Just exactly what is the Church? What is its purpose and why do you need it? The Church that Jesus Christ founded and directs can be a priceless tool for aiding personal growth.
Jan/Feb '13The Apostle Paul - Commandment Keeper or Commandment Breaker?
A recent two-part British TV programme illustrating Paul's journeys put forward the supposition that he taught contrary to God's law. What does the New Testament reveal?
Nov/Dec '12Who Exactly was Jesus of Nazareth?
Was Jesus merely a prophet, as some of the Jews of His day believed, or was He really the divine Son of God as He claimed? The Bible leaves us in no doubt about His true origin.
Sep/Oct '12How Should We Share the Gospel with Others?
There are many ways to approach preaching the Gospel. All are governed by scriptural principles. How do we apply these principles to human relationships?
Jul/Aug '12Winning The Race for the Kingdom
Are there important parallels between the Olympic Games in London and the purpose of human life? Is there a vital race that all of us must eventually run? Figuratively speaking, the apostle Paul was a superbly unique ‘Olympic runner’. While making his way along a road to Damascus to pursue and persecute Christians he was suddenly knocked off his course by Jesus Christ, who entered him into another race – a race for the Kingdom of God.
May/Jun '12What Scientists Think About God
In Britain the debate over the existence of God continues apace. The 17 March edition of New Scientist magazine devoted 13 pages to discussions on the possible existence of God and the benefits, or otherwise, of religious belief.
Mar/Apr '12Why Persecution of Christians in Modern Britain?
Will Hutton in The Observer wrote: ‘Britain became engulfed in a culture war last week as secularists and believers clashed over the role of religion in public life’...
Jan/Feb '12The Queen - Sixty Years On
On 6 February 2012 Queen Elizabeth II will have reigned for 60 years. Her Diamond Jubilee will be celebrated with regal splendour and worldwide interest, culminating in early June. It was in the depths of the winter of 1952 when Princess Elizabeth of the Royal House of Windsor acceded to the throne on the death of her father, George VI.
Nov/Dec '11The Eurozone in Chaos - What Does It Mean?
We live in a highly charged time of global transition. Chaotic events in Europe may be leading up to the end of this age and the arrival of God’s Kingdom on this earth.
Sep/Oct '11England’s Social Upheaval - What Does it Portend?
For five days at the beginning of August 2011, a kind of madness took hold in several British cities as criminals, the disaffected and even ordinary people joined in a frenzy of vandalism, violence and looting.
Jul/Aug '11Managing Your Finances - in an Uncertain World
It is over three years since the current recession began, and it shows little sign of resolution. Global in its implications, its origin can be traced to any number of financial pressure points. How can we cope?
May/Jun '11What Does Pentecost Teach Us About the Church?
Pentecost pictures both the coming of the Holy Spirit and the role of the firstfruits in the divine spiritual harvest. Those few called to salvation by God during this age of man make up the Church today. How can you become an integral part of the Body of Christ?
Mar/Apr '11As Britain Celebrates a Royal Wedding - Another Royal Marriage Awaits Christians
Weddings are usually times for rejoicing, but marriages, even royal ones, often end in sadness and recriminations. However, the Bible reveals that there will be a future marriage lasting through all eternity. Christians preparing for that glorious marriage renew their commitment to the Bridegroom at the annual Passover service.
Jan/Feb '11Be Clothed with Christ
Fashion is big business, and many people wear the latest styles of clothing. Clothing keeps us warm – protecting and shielding us. It also says a lot about us as individuals. There is, however, a more important type of clothing that God looks for in a Christian.
Nov/Dec '10The Feast of Tabernacles in Scotland
The site of our autumn Feast of Tabernacles in the British Isles. Historically, it was here, near Stirling, that some of the Scottish wars of independence were fought, and where monarchs ruled in regal splendour.
Sep/Oct '10When Will God Intervene in the Affairs of Mankind?
People often ask: Why doesn’t God intervene and put a stop to man’s unjust rule? Some even think that the Creator is hiding Himself by not rescuing us from our tragic plight. Can we know the answer?
Jul/Aug '10Will Britain Be Better Off in 100 Years’ Time?
One author definitely thought so, basing his predictions on what man can and will do. God was left out of the picture altogether. We ask: What does our Creator reveal about a new dawn for Britain?
May/Jun '10What We Can't See Can Help Us!
Every day invisible physical forces affect the way we live. There are also unseen spiritual powers that can influence us for good. Read on to find out how.
Mar/Apr '10Alarm Bells Are Ringing
Sometimes an upsetting event stops you in your tracks and makes you review your Christian life.
Jan/Feb '10Join the Resistance!
There is a war going on in Britain that threatens to break down the moral standards that remain. Nationally our spiritual forces are weak as we continue to capitulate to behaviour that takes us further from God. Our leaders seem unlikely to respond to what we need to do to regain His blessings. Read on to find out about a resistance movement you can be part of!
Nov/Dec '09What Are the Implications of the Vatican’s Overtures to Anglicans?
The Roman Catholic Church is seeking to recruit disenchanted Anglican priests and lay members. How will Pope Benedict’s offer ultimately affect Europe? Do such religious developments appear in Bible prophecy?
Sep/Oct '09The Promise of Marriage - Hope for Our Future
uccessful marriages can positively influence society right now and point forward to an awesome future beyond our wildest dreams.
Jul/Aug '09A Better Way to Govern
Apathy and a general mistrust of politicians have reduced voter turnout for the seats in the European Parliament. Why is there such a mistrust of government in Britain – and how should rulers rule?
May/Jun '09The Work of God in Ghana
We have had congregations in Ghana for over thirty years, but no numbers approaching our present outreach in this West African country. Our congregations in Ghana face daunting economic challenges.
Mar/Apr '09‘Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread’
Did you know that some nations are buying up arable land in other countries to secure food for their people? But if chaotic weather and warfare disrupts that food chain, where will we turn?
Jan/Feb '09‘The Unknown God’ Is Alive Today!
The apostle Paul was troubled by the idolatry he saw in Athens. Lessons from his experiences almost 2,000 years ago are just as important for us today.
Nov/Dec '08Will the Global Economy Signal Jesus Christ’s Return?
What possible connection could Christ’s return have with the global marketplace?
Sep/Oct '08The Coming Ecconomic Earthquake
Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy?
Jul/Aug '08Preaching The Gospel more Effectively
This article, condensed from a letter by Church president Clyde Kilough to members around the world, lets our readers in on some of the Church’s current leadership developments and plans for the future.
May/Jun '08Finding Our True Identity
Has Britain truly lost its identity and sense of nationhood, as some have suggested? If so, is it important to recapture it? And is there an even more important identity we should seek?
Mar/Apr '08From Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II
Is Britain returning to obscurity? The reign of the Tudors set the foundation for the rise to greatness of the English-speaking peoples. Four centuries later, during the reign of the second Queen Elizabeth, much of Britain has rejected the Word of God, politicans have relinquished its empire and turned towards Europe.
Jan/Feb '08The Changing Face of Christanity in Britian
There are now more Catholics attending church in Britain than Anglicans. Meanwhile Non-traditional Christian groups are growing in numbers and influence. But are all these various bands within Christendom truly based on the teachings of the Judaeo/Christian Bible?
Nov/Dec '07‘Before the Night Comes…’
Remembrance Day, 11th November, has just passed. The outcome of World War II could have been so different if it had not been for the alliance of primarily English-speaking nations against an evil that was sweeping the European continent. Likewise the Church has a vital mission in a darkening world.
Sep/Oct '07Royalty – The Future of Rulership
There is undeniable evidence from an ever-reliable source that governments of the future will be benevolent monarchies. Christians are already receiving character training for a royal future.
Jul/Aug '07In the Steps of Moses
A nine-day trip to Egypt brings history recorded in the Bible to life. A highlight was seeing the mountain believed to be Mount Sinai, from where God spoke the words of His law.
May/Jun '07A Winning Combination: Teamwork and God's Holy Spirit
Throughout the ages God has worked with teams of people to accomplish His work. With the Holy Spirit we can serve the Church and also humanity as a whole.
Mar/Apr '07The Only Way From Here Is Up!
I was standing at En Gedi, near the shore of the Dead Sea, some 400 metres below sea level. The overall occasion was a three-week tour of the state of Israel. The title of this article can appropriately be applie to our Christian lives as well, no matter how far along that road we happen to be.
Jan/Feb '07Britain Debates Life’s Ultimate Question
The re-emergence of media coverage of atheism in 2006 has helped focus British attention on that most crucial of all questions: Does God exist?
Nov/Dec '06Adventure Into Asia Minor
Modern Turkey is host to many historical ruins that were living cities in the time of the apostles and early Church. This autumn a group visited many of those sites. Peter Hawkins shares his observations about this fascinating tour.
Sep/Oct '06We Only Have One Earth!
The first chapter of Genesis shows us that God wants mankind to learn to rule himself and his environment wisely. Godly rule and stewardship of this earth require righteous leadership and thankfully it is finally on the horizon.
Jul/Aug '06Visit to Modern Spain Reveals Historical Links to Middle East
Gerhard and Diana Marx recently travelled to Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Granada and Málaga. Their visit culminated in a week-long stay at the early Phoenician settlement in Almuñécar, near Málaga.
May/Jun '06Caterpillar to Butterfly the Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit
Like the astonishing metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, we need to be changed from the inside and out. But how?
Mar/Apr '06Tower of London Prepares for Bird Flu
We take great care of the welfare of our birds and animals. But what about our children?
Jan/Feb '06A Christian’s True Identity: How Do We Measure Up?
Today many Christians are faced with a serious spiritual identity crisis. What is the standard that will show us who we are and where we are headed?
Nov/Dec '05Children of War: War Creates Refugees
This was the theme for a Refugee Week in the United Kingdom in 2004 - a week which celebrated the enormous contribution of refugees to the UK and promoted understanding of the reasons people seek sanctuary.
Sep/Oct '05New Leaders in the Making
As each generation brings us a new group of leaders, what characteristics should be expected in those who will soon step to positions of influence? How can we nurture these qualities in today's youth?
Jul/Aug '05BERLIN - Europe's Future Political Capital?
British correspondent Gerhard Marx visited the German capital in mid-June. Here is his timely historical and prophetic analysis.
May/Jun '05A New Government, but the Same Problems
Government directives attempt to limit the effects of social problems. But humanity can overcome crime, overspending and our lack of self-control through a 'heart transplant'.
Mar/Apr '05Gaining Access to the King
In times past, gaining access to the presence of a king or queen of England was a difficult and often expensive process. How easy is it today to gain access to the King of kings?
Jan/Feb '05Why Does God Permit Humanity to Suffer?
As we struggle to come to terms with the great Asian earthquake and the catastrophic tsunamis that followed in its wake, we may be asking questions like, "Where was God,"and "Why didn't He prevent this tragedy?"
The Queen: Sixty Years On
On 6 February 2012 Queen Elizabeth II will have reigned for 60 years. Her Diamond Jubilee will be celebrated with regal splendour and worldwide interest, culminating in early June.