About the United Church of God

The mission of the Church of God is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God in all the world, make disciples in all nations and care for those disciples. Who We Are: The literature on this site is published by the United Church of God, an International Association, which has ministers and local congregations in the United Kingdom and many countries around the world. We trace our origins to the Church that Jesus founded in the early first century. We follow the same teachings, doctrines and practices established then. Our commission is to proclaim the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God to all the world as a witness and teach all nations to observe what Christ commanded (Matthew:24:14; 28:19, 20).

Committed to recapturing biblical Christianity and sharing God’s inclusive plan for all mankind with the world, we are looking for a world beyond today.

Free of Charge

Jesus Christ said, “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew:10:8). The United Church of God offers the publications on this site (and by mail) free of charge. We are grateful for the generous tithes and offerings of the members of the Church and other supporters, who voluntarily contribute to support this work. We do not solicit the general public for funds. However, contributions to help us share this message of hope with others are welcomed. All funds are audited annually by an independent accounting firm.