UCG-BI National Council

United Church of God – British Isles is a member of the United Church of God, an International Association.

United Church of God – British Isles is administered and managed by a National Council, which functions in accordance with its governing constitution adopted in September 1999.

The National Council consists of three executive ministerial members, two executive lay members and three non-executive lay members. The executive members of the National Council serve as the trustees of the United Church of God – British Isles registered charity.

National Council offices specified in the governing constitution are:

  • Chairman.
  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Treasurer (this officeholder is not to be a member of the National Council).
  • Secretary (this officeholder may or may not be a member of the National Council).

National Council members and officeholders as at 31st December 2023 are:

  • Jason Godfrey, Chairman, trustee.
  • David Fenney, Chief Executive Officer, trustee.
  • Brian Crook, trustee.
  • Bryan Ellams, trustee.
  • Debi Richardson, trustee.
  • Denise McClean, non-executive member.
  • Mark Mirigian, non-executive member.
  • Brian Richardson, non-executive member.
  • Sarah Bunker, Secretary.
  • Barbara Fenney, Treasurer.

The next quarterly meeting of the UCG-BI National Council will take place on Monday 20th May 2024 by Zoom.

The 2023 annual general meeting took place by Zoom on Monday 11th September 2023.