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Here you will find details of the schedule for Sabbath services including locations and directions.

Dates are in DD/MM/YY format. 
TBA – venue to be advised.

Unless stated otherwise weekly Sabbath start times:

  • Bricket Wood Services start at 12:30 pm.
  • Kew Services start at 1:30 pm.
  • YMCA London Serices start at 1:45 pm.
18/05/24Kew Community Centre, TW9 2AJ1:15 pm Start
25/05/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
01/06/24Bricket Wood
08/06/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
15/06/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
16/06/24Kew Community Centre, TW9 2AJPentecost Holy Day
22/06/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
29/06/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
06/07/24Kew Community Centre, TW9 2AJ
20/07/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
27/07/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
03/08/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
10/08/24Bricket Wood
17/08/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
24/08/24Bricket Wood
31/08/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
14/09/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
21/09/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
28/09/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
03/10/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQTrumpets Holy Day
12/10/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQAtonement Holy Day
17/10/24Feast of Tabernacles Start
19/10/24No London Services
24/10/24Feast of Tabernacles Last Day
09/11/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
23/11/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
30/11/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ
14/12/24YMCA London, W1T 6AQ

For additional information please email us.

Meeting Locations

Click the links below for specific meeting locations with maps.

Friends House
Irish Centre

For a map of all halls near Euston, see below.